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The only special Lithuanian racing circuit for cars and motorcycles “Nemunas Ring” of the Department of Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania has been calling racers to the sport events of cars and motorcycles for more than 50 years already.

We hold exercises and races all the time. Besides, we are also engaged in the educational activity.


– More than 60 events are held every year
– They are watched by more than 20.000 spectators
– The total area of the complex is 74 ha
– The length of the racing circuit is 3350 m.


– Rent of racing circuits
– Organization of events
– Presentation and testing of cars
– Sauna, accommodation, organization of parties
– Renting of stock necessary for automobile sport competitions

nemunas ring - neman ring - nemuno žiedas


“Nemunas Ring” is located in the strategically convenient place by the second largest Lithuanian city, Kaunas.

  • It is within 17 km distance from Kaunas, which can offer numerous eating and accommodation places
  • It is within 32 km distance from International Karmėlava Airport
  • The main national highway A1 is only 16 km away
  • The highway A5, which is the main way to Europe, is only 10 km away

– A1 road 16 km
– A5 road 10 km
– Airport 32 km


1st sector

The first sector of the racetrack starts with the home stretch that may admit more than 20 cars. The first turn after the start is wide and leads to the long straight line. It is usually used to prepare for overtaking.

The especially wide second turn of the racetrack allows overcoming it in different trajectories and to carry out overtaking.


2nd sector

The second sector of the racetrack starts with the wide asphalt slope and security zones. Here the racers reach the famous “Oak” turn. It is important to choose a suitable stopping point at this turn because the exit of the turn determines the speed, at which the racer is going to drive in the twisty straight line of the second sector. The differences in the speed used by the racers allow doing overtaking.


3rd sector

The third sector of the racetrack starts with sudden stop and oval turn that ends in sudden uphill. Later several hills with the uphill turns follow. This sector reminds of legendary turns of the “Nürburgring” racetrack and ends in the hill leading to the home stretch. The hills and “blind” turns of this sector resulted in calling the “Nemunas Ring” the small “Nürburgring” of the Eastern Europe.


The prominent racetrack makes it comfortable to watch the races. The spectators may see the whole racetrack essentially while standing in one place. The stationary and mobile platforms are arranged for their convenience.

The spacious asphalted sites are present on both sides of the racetrack, start/finish stripe, thus it is possible to have two technical zones simultaneously and to carry out several races at the same time.


  • 1 hour €20,00
  • 2 hours €35,00
  • 3 hours €45,00
  • All day €70,00


The schedule of the racetrack’s usage is available at

The information about registration for exercising and general information may be received on weekdays from 9 am until 5:30 pm using the following contacts:

Mobile phone: +370 610 92349

How to find us?

GPS coordinates: N54.92475*, E23.70147

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